Hi !

Welcome to my personal website!

1. Log in is required to post a blog and upload images, if you don't have an account please click register to create one
2. Click the avatar on the top left of the navigation bar to go to the dashboard page, where you can generate your API Key
3. When you want to @ someone when posting a blog or comment, pay attention to add an extra space after the name you want to @
2018.2.14----Version Updates:
1. Add Chinese language support
2. Add language change feature

2018.2.11----Version Updates:
1. Add viewing H picture feature, press the left down right up button on the keyboard to toggle it.

2017.12.7----Version Updates:
1. Support Emoticons in both blog and comment posts
2. Markdown is also supported in comments
3. Scrollbar of browsers based on webkit looks better

2017.12.1----Version Updates:
1. Add @ feature in both blog and comment posts

2017.11.28----Version Updates:
1. Add save and load feature to minesweeper game when leaving the page
2. Add ranking feature to minesweeper game

2017.10.10----Version Updates:
1. Eliminate the space of searching input to make searching result correct
2. Advanced searching will remember the former search options
3. Fix image upload overflow issue and add copy url button
4. Add draft feature to blog post, and auto save when leaving the page while auto load when opening new one
5. Comment links from the dashboard redirect to blog will jump directly to the comment

2017.9.22----Version Updates:
1. Fix bug of redundant blog search results in blog service
2. Add advance blog searching feature
3. Adjust the style of blog list page and the log in tips
4. Adjust the position of subscribe button in blog detail page
5. Adjust the main content full screen display on middle screens

2017.9.21----Version Updates:
1. Fix issue of quote block too narrow in dashboard page
2. Add vim keyboard to view blogs and comments on dashboard page
3. Add statistics of view count and comment count on blog detail page
4. Adjust the style of blog list as well as dashboard page
5. Adjust the style of blog detail page as well as blog post and update page
6. Optimize front end code to extract common logic

2017.9.19----Version Updates:
1. Add instrument playing via keyboard feature

2017.9.18----Version Updates:
1. Fix picture indent issue with text
2. Add vim keyboard to view blog list page and blog detail page
3. Add trigger for hiding every element but the background and toggle fixed background and animated background
4. Add Website keyboard shortcut reference

2017.9.16----Version Updates:
1. Adjust blog text first line indent and line height of each row
2. Fix comment text overflow issue
3. Adjust the title bar to make the current title more clear
4. Log in tips will be shown when post a comment without log in
5. Fix comment div with redundant class
6. Add animated background feature
7. Add blog item flip up and down animation when scroll

2017.9.9----Version Updates:
1. Add minesweeper game, max size 64 x 120, minimal size 4 x 4
2. Add send email to admin group when encounter 500 error

2017.9.7----Version Updates:
1. Modify file upload url
2. Modify logic of dealing with wrong file type upload
3. Update 400, 403, 404, 500 error pages

2017.8.21----Version Updates:
1. Fix comment display on narrow screens
2. Refactor comment logic to increase security

2017.8.18----Version Updates:
1. Add message remind feature, you can see the amount of new messages on both navigation bar and dashboard, and the new messages will be marked
2. Add subscribe feature, you can see the subscribed content on dashboard after subscribe
3. The author's information will be displayed when click the author's avatar on blog detail page
4. Fix comment display issue when encounter a new line

2017.8.11----Version Updates:
1. Add blog api, you can play with it now
2. Add API reference book
3. Fix issue of comments posted by myself will be displayed on dashboard tag 'Replies to me'

2017.7.31----Version Updates:
1. Add avatar upload, change and delete feature
2. Add user's information edit page
3. Fix issue of quoted text in reply well of dashboard can't be segmented on some browsers

2017.7.30----Version Updates:
1. Add dashboard page, and my blog posts, comments posts and replies to me are all available on dashboard
2. Redirect to dashboard page after log in
3. Adjust the update time display on blogs and comments
4. Adjust the display of user's username and avatar
5. Avatar is shown in blog comments, but avatar upload is still under construction

2017.7.23----Version Updates:
1. Comments are displayed as a tree, you can post a comment inside a comment
2. Redesign the comment database and migrate the data and make sure not to lose the old data
3. Blogs and comments posted by user can be modified, and last edit time is available

2017.6.19----Version Updates:
1. Https is used all over the website, all http requests will be redirected to https
2. Only https links in blog content are permitted, error message will occur when http link exists
3. Content input component on blog post page can adjust its size to the input, preview component is below the content input component
4. Fix issue of content input component too narrow on narrow screens
5. Fix issue of long text overflow on preview component

2017.6.3----Version Updates:
1. Fix issue of blog input component overlaps with preview component
2. Add image upload feature, and you can manage the image uploaded by yourself
3. Upload image button is added on blog post page
4. Posting a blog without log in will redirect to log in page rather than simply return 404
5. Fix issue of long Chinese text can't be segmented on blog detail page

2017.4.29----Version Updates:
1. Update background image
2. Update blog list page UI
3. Add return top button(on the bottom right corner)
4. Blog supports markdown
5. Blog post page can be visited via the button with add mark on the top left corner of search component
6. Blog preview component is available, which can help you prevent making mistakes with markdown
7. Add blog search feature, and you can search blogs related to any content, author or categories
8. Add code highlight feature, please write codes with markdown
9. Add markdown reference
10. Change the timezone, and now is UTC+8
11. Html tags are ignored in markdown for safety

2017.4.9----Version Updates:
1. Successfully deployed on linode server

2017.2.26----Version Updates:
1. Successfully deployed on local machine

2017.2.19----Version Updates:
1. Add blog detail page
2. Add pagination of blog list
3. Add reply to blog feature
4. Add view blogs by category feature
5. Fix bug of posting same blog when refreshing the page

2017.2.14----Version Updates:
1. Add blog list page
2. Add post blog feature
3. Add log in and register page
4. Add home page